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Governments worldwide are anxious to improve economic competitiveness and raise the educational level of their people. Vocational education and training (VET) are the new frontline of creative performance enhancement. Beyond Standards offers expert problem analysis, lucid explanation and reporting, and practical guidance on how to improve based on a lifetime's experience. We work at a strategic level, whether we are advising govenments in the UK and world-wide, or individual colleges, training providers and employers developing their own staff. Most of our clients return to us again and again, demonstrating our enduring role as partners in the success of their businesses.

Training Providers

Beyond Standards helps organisations to face up to and eliminate their weaknesses, and build on their particular strengths. We help ease the strains of adaptation: growth, acquisitions and mergers. We coach staff and managers to understand and adapt to new policy environments and conditions.

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Our directors have spent decades working with government officials and ministers up to the very highest levels. They have done so not only in the United Kingdom and Ireland but in many other parts of the world where they have offered advice.

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