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Beyond Standards was built on lessons learned in the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI). We developed a model for achieving continuous improvement which delivered success at the national level and in hundreds of individual organisations. In our book, we called it ‘The Transformational Diamond’.


Learning at work, for work, has moved from the margins of national policy to the centre. Every fresh policy document from the UK Government emphasises the central importance of vocational learning and apprenticeship: areas whose quality we played a seminal role in transforming and upon which we still concentrate our efforts.

Today, we keep our original two directors, David Sherlock CBE and Nicky Perry. You can be confident of expert, personal service drawing on a wealth of experience in the UK and internationally. Supported by a small office staff, Beyond Standards has 85 specialist associates, trained in our methods and proven to deliver outstanding performance. We carry a minimum of overhead and offer our customers value and flexibility.

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